Bodywork By Britni


My goal is to provide a clean & sanitized space for each and every client, in a environment that is inhospitable to contaminants (including COVID-19) 

NEW: If you are not able to bring a face mask, one will be provided. Wearing a mask will be optional during your massage session but encouraged while lying face up. I will be wearing a facemask at all times for your protection. My facemask and clothing will be changed after each client. I have gloves available If you would like for me to wear them during their massage session, by request.

All common surfaces will be disinfected before and after your visit. A clean set of linens will be used on each client. I will be washing my hands thoroughly before and after every massage session.

NEW: The treatment room will have True HEPA Air Purifiers on at all times. 

NEW: To distance clients and proper cleaning, I take a 1 hour break in between appointments.

NEW: Upon entering you will be given plastic shoe coverings and hand sanitizer.

NEW: A COVID-19 waiver will need to be signed prior to your massage. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to your scheduled appointment time.

NEW: I will be checking temperatures at the door using a contact-free infrared thermometer. I will also be checking my temperature daily and will cancel appointments as needed. (temperatures of 100.4+)

Do not schedule a appointment for anyone but yourself, with the exception of scheduling for someone with special needs or under 18 years old.

Please cancel your appointment if you are having any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has within the past 14 days. You will NOT be charged for canceling due to illness. If you have tested POSITIVE for COVID-19 you must test NEGATIVE two separate times. You also will need a letter of approval from your primary physician to receive massage therapy. Please bring a copy of each NEGATIVE test result and letter of approval to your appointment. 

Thank you!